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There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to windows. Make sure to pay attention to the material of the frame as well as the thickness of the panes to get a great match to your existing home aesthetic. Choosing the right thickness can also ensure you get the amount of sunlight you are looking for to bring the perfect amount of natural light into your home.



There are three key components to look for when choosing a roofing option for your home: durability, color, and texture. Remember, shingles fade over time, so try choosing a color slightly darker than you think in order to have a nice color for years to come.


Choosing the right siding for your home is equal parts aesthetic and function. While most types of siding work with all kinds of home structures, the level of difficulty for installing the siding varies dramatically depending on the structure of your home. Take a look at our home siding installation tips to better understand the skill level you’ll need to do it yourself.



When looking for the right door in any room, getting the correct measurement ahead of time is absolutely essential.  If you need help in this process, take a look at our measurement best practices to make sure you get the door you want on the first try.


This would be a good place to house sections like the “home siding installation tips” and “measurement best practices” mentioned above. We could include a link to various helpful info sections on each of the products pages that takes you to a section/ subsection here where you can learn/ see important factors like ‘how to properly measure a door frame,’ or ‘how to tell if you’re windows are driving your electric bill up.’

Each of these sections could be aimed at helping educate the potential customer, ending with something like “If, after you’ve completed these steps, you find that air is indeed coming through the bottom seal of your windows, give us a call and we’ll help you determine if they can be repaired or need to be replaced all together.”